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Bill Sullivan "What Are The Chances Of That?"

YOU MAY find this informative. An acquaintance of mine, realizing that there are other books mentioned in the Bible and that there are dozens of spurious books supposedly written by Peter, Paul and Mary, literally; and lots of other people; wanted to know how can we know if they were inspired.

One things we should consider is that God has not limit to what he can do and if he wanted us to have something preserved, he could do it without any help from us. There is no need to go around seeking to find spurious books, to know the truth.

Yet there is a piratical way to know and help others to dismiss spurious books.. First you have to know the truth of all scripture and understand the law and prophets, which are explained, NOT REPLACED by the Apostles of Yeshua (Jesus) who said the law and prophets known in his day as in the Septuagint, would last forever. But it is evident that there is more demonstrable reason for Yeshua saying that. A reason that possibly only in our time of computers, man could easily discover. Take a look.

Bill Sullivan "What Are The Chances Of That?"

Thursday, November 9, 2017

RECOGNIZING TRICKS OF SATAN (Discernment) =============================== Truth is of God and the LIE is of Satan and you can see the hand of the devil in the things he has promoted below. 0. In Matthew 5:17-19 Yeshua (Jesus) said nothing, not even a punctuation mark in the law would change. And until heaven and earth pass away, whosoever break one of the least of the commands in the law and teach men so (If they make it) will be at the bottom of the then society in the Kingdom. That is how important every word of God is…. So once Satan can get ANYONE to believe the above is not true and THEY can choose (Claiming the Gospel changed, till heaven and earth pass) the Devil will already have a handle on them, because he will have made a way for them to CREATE their own truth. 1. **I am going to speak MY truth**….. If everyone gets to choose their truth no one need abide by real facts and they eliminate the only way to come together in harmony. 2. **White people cannot understand racism**… In spite of the fact as my son says a white man created the word RACIST and members of every group has been slaves of the others groups at some point; lying professors teach kids that everyone but whites can understand racism. This assures that no common understanding is possible in the mind of those who believe this; making the conflict forever, unless one becomes slave to the other again. 3. **I only believe what Blacks say or whites say or republicans say or democrats say.** Forget it, you are a dishonest person who does this. Facts (Truth) requires facts+ logical evaluation; Not belief in persons and groups only. Not unless that person is God. 4. **America gives me the right to believe what I want**…. NOW you must be assuming America is God…. None of the founders believed this. There is a difference between God given rights, which are discerned through the laws of nature and equals what is taught in revelation, and FREEDOM. Freedom gives you the opportunity to do right or wrong. As long as it does not disrupt society, it is left up to you. But the intent is that this freedom will allow people to discuss and possibly logically come to what makes the most sense. When Courts create n the minds of men any thing as rights outside natural law, they then create conflicts that cannot be resolved with out either conversion or force. That is what you see when Christians business owners are either required to convert or will be forced or comply or go out of business. (This is the method of the Mark of the beast) -- #NeverEvil BEST PET FOOD DEAL for your dog and cat!

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Bill Sullivan Amendment Proposals For The Convention Of States Movement Presented and Explained

The Founders understood that ONLY if Rights come from God would they be immutable. If they come from men then men can decide what they claimed was a Right, not a Right at any given time. The Founders therefore place the origins of Rights in Nature's God, meaning the God that created nature. This way, anyone believing in a God could not argue that IF IT IS THE ALMIGHTY, He created all nature. But it did something else in that age of enlightenment. Even those that did not believe in a God could hardly argue LOGICALLY that nature did not come with Rules and requirements naturally. By this ingenious method, the Founders gave the way for ALL to come to the same conclusions. When you get away from God, you will get away from nature. When you get away from nature, you will be getting away from science. This is the very reason the upcoming Supreme Court case on Gay marriage could change all this by ignoring God, Nature and science. In an effort to get away from what might look like God limiting the freedom of Gays, they COULD effectively set up the religion of Secular Humanism and restricting the Rights of others to criticize or even exclude, in the case of churches, gays in Christ's church ministry positions. They could even put people out of business in some kind of new inquisition, That is why we need the Convention of states to fix this. Join us: TIRED OF PAYING a small fortune to get TV and you are still not getting exactly what you want? Then STOP! Here is your answer below; from one of the most trusted retailer in the nation.

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Dot and her little cat with yellow spots

HERE IS A GIFT IDEA that is good for kids the year round. Children get hooked on it as a bed time story. It is written and illustrated by POB productions, Gina Hoppis

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