Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Imperial Presidency: what it means for you

I find it quite informative that a liberal Law professor Like Jonathan Turley, who agrees with a lot of Obama’s ideology, still can see how detrimental he has become to the Constitutional framework of our country. Even he cannot get his fellow liberals to THINK carefully. We just saw the progressive democrats talking about changing the 1st amendment of the constitution and allowing only certain News outlets to have traditional free speech rights. And of course the unions would not be hurt. This would have to pass the House and no one is thinking that the house would go along, so why do democrats not care that folk know that they stand for this? Well like Obama, they know few in this country actually knows what the founders did and why? Therefore there is little more respect by the populace than Obama have for what they did. He thinks he is better, but he is the destructor. As Turley says, “he is the President that Nixon wanted to be!”

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