Friday, May 19, 2017

Bill Sullivan Amendment Proposals For The Convention Of States Movement Presented and Explained

The Founders understood that ONLY if Rights come from God would they be immutable. If they come from men then men can decide what they claimed was a Right, not a Right at any given time. The Founders therefore place the origins of Rights in Nature's God, meaning the God that created nature. This way, anyone believing in a God could not argue that IF IT IS THE ALMIGHTY, He created all nature. But it did something else in that age of enlightenment. Even those that did not believe in a God could hardly argue LOGICALLY that nature did not come with Rules and requirements naturally. By this ingenious method, the Founders gave the way for ALL to come to the same conclusions. When you get away from God, you will get away from nature. When you get away from nature, you will be getting away from science. This is the very reason the upcoming Supreme Court case on Gay marriage could change all this by ignoring God, Nature and science. In an effort to get away from what might look like God limiting the freedom of Gays, they COULD effectively set up the religion of Secular Humanism and restricting the Rights of others to criticize or even exclude, in the case of churches, gays in Christ's church ministry positions. They could even put people out of business in some kind of new inquisition, That is why we need the Convention of states to fix this. Join us: TIRED OF PAYING a small fortune to get TV and you are still not getting exactly what you want? Then STOP! Here is your answer below; from one of the most trusted retailer in the nation.

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